Sensei Jose Santaella has an immense amount of knowledge, passion, and care for teaching karate. I feel so comfortable as a beginner. I’m really glad I chose this dojo and I am inspired to continue because I’m having fun and working hard.”

Amy G. 

At Japan Karate-Do Kogeki of Miami Shores FL we offer a range of martial arts classes for children of all ages, teens and adults with classes for beginners through experts. Our dojo focuses on the traditional Japanese martial arts discipline of Shotokan Karate. Our teaching philosophy allows students to advance at their own pace. We offer optional competition programs that allow students at all levels to compete in tournaments locally, regionally and at a national level.

Shotokan Karate is a karate style taught throughout the world under the supervision of the Japan Karate Association or JKA. The JKA is the largest Karate organization in the world and many consider it to be the most authoritative and highest authority on Karate. While Karate seems to have evolved into a generic term for Asian martial arts, it is really a Japanese term reflecting the origins of Karate as a Japanese (or more specifically, an Okinawan) martial art developed in the late 14th and 15th century.

Our Dojo name Kogeki comes from a Japanese word to attack or cut down and refers to offense and Bobi means defense. The term KoBoIchi or Kogeki means that offence and defense are one. Here is an article that discusses the significance of our Dojo’s name.